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Name:Mushishi/Urushibara Yuki Fan Community
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Mushishi/Urushibara works fan community for sharing fanworks and information
Welcome to the Mushishi/Urushibara Yuki Livejournal Community! As per the title, this is a community dedicated to the works of the Japanese manga artist, Urushibara Yuki. Her previous pen names were Yoshiyama Yuki (several short stories for a shoujo magazine) and Shima Shogo (under which she published "Bio Luminescence"). Her most famous work is the award-winning "Mushishi", published in Kodansha's monthly Afternoon magazine alongside works like Blade of the Immortal, etc. Approximately one book was published every year; as of 2010, there are 1o volumes and there's an action figure and a special watercolor prints release and--!

Mushishi, literally "Bug Master", is about... stuff. Our main gateway into the world of these stories is Ginko, a wandering Mushishi. The manga was licensed for English language translation by Del Ray.

Mushishi was adapted into an anime, which started airing in October 2005 and ran a full season of 26 episodes. It has been licensed and released by FUNimation for English language release. Mushishi is also now a live-action Japanese movie and was screened worldwide.

Urushibara and her works are still quite new/obscure to English-language fandom, so the purpose of this community to hopefully provide some sort of resource for the new fan, or at least a good collection of links to help propagate the species. As well, it is a place for fans to gather and discuss Urushibara's stories.

I have no idea what rules to put up, but I trust we're all mature enough to know basic net etiquette and social manners here.

General guidelines:

1. Entries should be related to Urushibara Yuki and her works (Mushishi, Filament, Bioluminesence, Waters...), and all off-shoots of her works, or related by some convoluted manner at least! Introductory posts are welcome, though please don't feel obligated. Drive-by commenting and/or lurking is fine.

2. I'd like to keep this community relatively informative, in the sense that I'd prefer not to see a lot of duplicate news entries or etc (corrections are welcome though!). Please make use of the tag function and the memory function, in case your questions have already been answered. As the community grows, it's nice to keep things in order. Also, please check out this first entry for a bunch of official Urushibara/Mushishi links. [Will be updated soon!]

3a. Regarding the anime: Mushishi has finished airing in Japan and is currently available on US shelves thanks to FUNimation. Rejoice! Or cry!

3b. Regarding the manga: Mushishi has been licensed for release in English by Del Ray (rejoice! or cry!), parts of Filament have been scanslated by Kotonoha. Please check the Memories under "Translation", or the "manga" tag. If you'd like to provide translations for chapters they haven't been done yet, or for Urushibara's other works, please do!

4. When posting entries with spoilers, long entries, or entries with large or multiple images, please use a cut and the appropriate warnings.

5. Please feel free to post fanart, fanfic, colourbars, icons, wallpapers, etc., or links to such items. If you use other people's art, please don't forget to credit them. Anything from G to NC-17/XXX is fine, het/slash or shounenai/yaoi or hell, mushi/poor Ginko is fine, but again, please place the works under a cut or provide the links, and please put up warnings. Parents, if you don't want your children seeing more mature or adult works, monitor their Internet use. Those of you who are not legal but seeking dirty pr0n, well, be good about hiding it, dammit.

6. Um, play nice and have fun. Please ignore trolls or inflammatory comments, and please refrain from making inflammatory comments. Again, the main aim of this community is to gather information and to show our appreciation for Urushibara's works, so go forth and enjoy yourselves.

PM me if there are any problems!

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afternoon magazine, anime, bioluminesence, filament, ginko, kc afternoon, kodansha, manga, mushi-shi, mushishi, seinen, shima soyogo, suiiki, urushibara, urushibara yuki, waters, yoshiyama yuki, バイオ・ルミネッセンス, フィラメント, 漆原友紀, 蟲師
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